Thursday, January 28, 2010

Swirly Love: Part 2

Gosh, I hope you can stand more swirly goodness from!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I recently selected three pieces from their stoneware pendants collection.

I have never used these in jewelry designs before, but I am thinking it would be pretty difficult not to make something cute with this bead even if you are a novice like me!

First of all, the brightness of the red is going to get all the attention, then the swirls will get people smiling.

Is it possible not to smile while looking at this happy, swirly bead?

I don't want to spill the beans about the swarovski crystal beads I picked to go along with my stoneware pendants but, let me ask you this.... Can you use varied shades of red in one piece? I think you can pretty much do anything, but I also would like to make something lovable and cute.

I guess time will tell!

FTC compliance disclosure: the item in this post from was provided as a promotional gift as part of their bead blogger program for review or design purposes.


Dawno said...

That's a very cute pendant!

I think you can use various shades of red in one piece. My opinion is that it needs to look deliberate, rather than "I just have this red so I used it anyway" - I like using more than one variation in color to get that effect.

SimpsonS said...

This reminds me of those really yummy Valentine's Day cookies that I used to eat when I was young.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some lovely aqua and caribbean blue beads to warm it up a little, a couple of yellows, too.
That way it becomes a necklace that can be worn often.