Wednesday, January 16, 2013

White Wash? What do you think?

I was looking around my bead collection for items that coordinate with the new tropical line of beads/components I've been talking about over the last few posts when I came across these beads.

They look like they're metal, but they are acrylic! Huh, how'd they do that? :)

I like the size of the bead and most importantly, the design on the sides is great!  Definitely worthy of some attention.

Since I'm working on travel pieces for a warm weather trip next month, I'm thinking these would be great with a white wash and varnish...hmm OR a really bright! Ahh, that was fun!

Any thoughts? :)


Mandy Duffy said...

White wash would be really cool for a warm weather trip! Very cool.

Janice said...

I have no idea how you would white wash or what the end result would look like so I vote for that in hopes of learning something new.