Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sweet Smiling Sunshine

I know there's a storm a brewin out there, but I am daring to dream about more happy, smiling sun shiny days!

I made this bracelet over the summer by candlelight when we had storms and lost power.

I guess I was dreaming about sun-shiny daylight at that time too!

So, I'll head into my happy little bubble where bracelets smile and the days are 60+ degrees in January! Want to come? :)


Kokopelli said...

I love your sunny jewelry, but I have to say that I love my winter cold and snowy.

JustATish said...

GET OUT!!!! I just squealed when I saw this! I wish the picture was bigger, it is too much fun to look at!

Lisa Crone said...

Ah, I love that you love winter! that's sweet! Thanks for sharing! You should send me a winter inspired piece to post here for the others in your camp! :)

Kokopelli said...

Done! :)

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