Monday, January 14, 2013

Ready the Ankle Adornments

Cute, cute, cute! I'd love to hear your thoughts about these adorable dangles.

I'm not typically someone who wears ankle jewelry, but almost every time I've been to Florida I have ended up with an ankle bracelet.

It seems the spirit moves me in that direction, must be the fun in the sun. All of a sudden the universe demands that I wear jewels on my ankle. ???

Who knows...I have learned to follow that little "voice" because it usually knows best.

This time around, I figured I'd get ahead of the game and be prepared with adornments. :) Don't worry, there will be crystals thrown in as well. I mean, you have to sparkle right?!


Mandy Duffy said...

LOL, good for your getting a head start. Will you have one for size "cankle"? lol

Dawn Doucette said...

Sunshine and warmth sound beautiful right about now. Winter is soooo overrated! I love these cute little charms!

Have a splendid day!

Lisa Crone said...

Hi you two, thank for stopping by. Mandy, too funny. My Dad makes jewelry and when he and my Mom spend their winters in Fla. he has a list of wrist and ankle sizes for all the ladies in their park just in case he gets inspired. :)