Sunday, January 13, 2013

Featured Designer: Tresa Meyer Clark

It's been a while since we had a featured designer, so I am pleased to bring back this weekly post by introducing you to Tresa Meyer Clark.

Tresa's work can be found in her Etsy shop, Meyer Clark Creative.  You can also catch her updates on Facebook.

Pictured here is my favorite from Tresa's Etsy shop, it's the "Quartz Crystal Necklace with Bird Charm" and it's really got character.

When a piece of jewelry moves me to smile or (forgive me) make an "mmm" sound, it reminds me how powerful creativity can be. To move a complete stranger to happiness...very cool!

Here's a little bit about Tresa! Thanks so much for allowing me to share!

"Since I was very young and growing up in Michigan, I’ve collected gemstones, shells and beads. I also collected stamps, which I believe had an impact on my professional career path as a Graphic Artist. As my academic training as an artist and my professional career merge—passion to make beaded jewelry is most important—because I have total control of my creative ideas.

My artistic process starts with colors combinations or textures I like. For example, the amazing watercolor blues-greens and yellows in a nautical chart. My Nautical Anchor pieces reflect some of the journey we’ve taken on boating trips with my family on the Great Lakes. Also, Native American beadwork has influenced many ideas for color combinations. As I design a piece, I combine elements, colors and sometimes sketch out an idea. Later, a photograph of the first design concept will help me decide if I’m finished, or need to make adjustments.

The best part of using beautiful materials like crystal quartz and turquoise is finishing a project and feeling productive and relevant. I am always interested in what the trends are, but more importantly, to create original ideas that are timeless. I strive to impart exciting jewelry pieces that are fresh, and fun. Functionality, attention to detail, beauty and meaning are the important elements in my designs."


Tresa said...

Thank you for the very kind words! You made my day, no, my week! —Tresa

Whole Soul Jewelry said...

Beautiful Work Tresa!