Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Creativity...

I am going to describe a scene to you...please use your imagination to picture this because I just can't bring myself to take a photo.

Sectional sofa, chaise lounge section...COMPLETELY covered in beads, spools of hemp cord, craft containers, tools, ribbon, tape, clip-on ott light...I had to move to another section after I got up and it all seemed to merge into one big conglomeration of creativity gone a little haywire.

Wow, I love making creative messes, it's the cleaning up afterwards that I find challenging. :)

SO, how is your weekend going?

Here's some less messy creative inspiration for you starting with Andrew's fun peyote stitch bracelets pictured above...enjoy!

The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton
Andrew shares three class samples he made using Premium Seed Bead Mixes and peyote stitch. Jewelry Making
Get hammered and make some pretty Valentine's Day jewelry. 

Art Bead Scene
Brandi gives us a thorough run down on how to select which metal to work with when designing: think of metal as colour. 

Beading Arts
Cyndi has been gathering up some of the best business advice that she came across this past year. 

Resin Crafts!
Now that Carmi has a new resin clay to work with, options are endless for mold making! 

Snap out of it, Jean! There's beading to be done! 
The Memories and Thanks Blog Hop which was orchestrated by the wonderful Lori Anderson was very moving to participate in. Jean thanks a young friend of her son Robert for her devotion and for everything she has done for Jean's family! 

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