Thursday, January 3, 2013

Traveling Jewelry Project...Part 3!

Sharing these pieces with you is so much fun! This is day 3 of the traveling jewelry project story. The next installment to the Cousin pearly collection was created by Ambassador Gail Devoid.
I love everything, but must say I'm always partial to lots of dangles!

How fun! Now I wish all of these pieces were going to be mine in the end. It will be a feat of major math skills to figure out how many combinations we'll be able to create once all the connecting pieces are completed.

We have two more Cousin Corp Ambassadors who are also making pieces for the collection, so stay tuned.

What a great way to get ideas for using one of these kits...share the creative process with others!


Ben@Bernhardt said...

Great post for girls! Good job! Thank you for the good ideas!

Just A Tish said...

This has been sooo much fun! I am biting my nails looking for the next post!

Lisa Crone said...

Tish, you are so sweet. :) Great to hear from you, thanks for stopping by!

Thanks Ben!