Thursday, January 24, 2013

Featured Designer: Dawn Doucette

Yay, I thought this would be a great way to get an early start on some weekend inspiration!

Many of you are probably familiar with Dawn of Designs by Dawn Marie. Her enthusiasm and joyful spirit are reflected in her work.

Pictured here are a couple of my favorite designs by Dawn along with her descriptions.

"This cuff speaks to an elegant woman, someone who loves fine pieces and wears them well.  The filigree band just speaks to me, with is delicate cut outs and flower designs, it's almost like wearing lace on your wrist!

The focal is loaded with sparkle!  Using Swarovski Crystal as the centerpiece and surrounding it with even more Swarovski crystals, this OOAK piece of wearable art brings out rich tones of eggplant, peridot, turquoise and topaz in a myriad of iridescent rainbow finishes."

See what I mean? Just looking at the photo and reading the description takes me to a happy place. 

The butterfly collage photos and description below tell a great story too. This is about the happiest piece of jewelry I've ever seen! LOVE IT! Here's Dawn's description:
"The story goes something like this... a woman that knows I make jewelry was heading to a bead show with her friends.  She said if I pick up some beads, can you make me something with them.  Well Absolutely!!! I love bringing in someones personality into a design.

The beads she picked up were a great mix of turquoise, colored magnasite, red coral and some funky lampwork beads.  The colors were such a perfect mix for her vibrant personality I was instantly excited to make something with them."

Very uplifting! Thank you my friend for allowing me to share your gifts here tonight! :) Have a great weekend! You can catch up with Dawn on her blog or on Facebook


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Dawn Doucette said...

Lisa, thank you so very much for sharing my pieces with your blogosphere! I really appreciate it and love spreading the joy that these pieces gave you. Each piece I make is special and I really pour my heart into each piece, so it tells a story! Always love connecting with you Lisa and appreciate all your love and support on this journey of finding my jewelry voice. Your friendship means the world to me!


Saturday Sequins said...

Yay!! Dawn is one of my favorite beady people, and her work is gorgeous. Thanks for featuring her! <3