Thursday, November 15, 2012

Turn, turn, turn...

It's interesting to note how much we each learn about ourselves every day. I guess that is the inevitable process of evolution. 

At this point in life I am much more aware and eager to learn about my true/authentic self and I recognize lessons learned much quicker and easier.

Here's what I learned about myself since I received my last batch of Cousin products in my 4th month as a Jewelry Making Ambassador...Once I open a box of products, I lose touch with reality.

I regress to childhood...maybe Christmas...maybe a special birthday... It's a no holds barred crazy gift opening time. I pick up every packet, look it over, touch it, imagine what I could be making with it, take it off the package, etc.

When I'm through, I look back over my shoulder and have to laugh. My 5 or 10 year old self did that, not me! :)

So, tonight's chain is no longer on the package and it might be one of the last pieces from the Second Skin line that I got a photo of before regressing. 

I LOVE this chain! It's so easy to be creative with, it's easy to make a 5 minute project or a 55 minute project. It's bright and is going to get noticed. It calls out to be layered and have some bright and colorful beads accompanying it.

So, a long story to get to tonight's "bead", but hey, I do have a tendency to ramble on. That is part of my authentic self so I'm working on embracing it.  :)

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