Monday, November 5, 2012

Art Deco...I'm a Fan!

For many years I loved things with geometric designs and when I began going to flea markets and auctions realized my heart belonged to Art Deco.

Of course my first thought upon seeing this component was "oh yeah, great bracelet focal bead!"

AND, these colors are great because they can be worn with black or brown! Nice...

This particular package actually comes with TWO of these pieces so you can make something for yourself and for a friend! Isn't it nice how that works out as we approach the holidays? :)

So, tonight kicks off the November bead extravaganza which translates to me sharing all the great pieces and parts I received from Cousin Corp for November!

The cool thing is this new line, called "second skin," will be in Joann stores at the end of November and available through

Stay tuned for the inside track! Yay!

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Beetique said...

Art Deco is my favorite too! Especially the rings!