Sunday, November 18, 2012

Easy Projects w/ New Products

The new Cousin Corp. product line called Second Skin is now in JoAnn Stores, yay! There are some really great components in this line as I have been mentioning over the last week or so.

I had a chance to work up a few fun and simple projects to share.

The first is this bracelet using 3 large chain links with the circular/sparkly component layered on top and a simple jump ring on either side holds it all together! EASY!

Then it was just a matter of adding on this double chain and a clasp.

This is something I know I can wear with pretty much any outfit and for me, that is necessary since I get hooked on things and will wear the same jewelry every day.

The second project shown here is a quick and easy pair of earrings. I used the little black disco ball with a head pin and attached it directly to a piece of very cool chain. This chain reminds me of a tennis bracelet (without the gems). I even attached the ear wire directly to the top of the chain, SO easy!

I'll share the necklace I made tomorrow. It is also extremely quick and easy!

Would love to hear if you have noticed these in your JoAnn store yet. :)

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