Thursday, November 8, 2012

Connectors & Reptiles

It just occurred to me that I was so excited to start digging into my box from Cousin Corp with the new "Second Skin" line that I took LOTS of pieces off packages before getting pics! Ruh roh!

So, the one piece I did want to show you in relation to yesterday's bracelet project is this 6 hole connector.

The one I used yesterday was in a brushed brass tone, while the package shown here is in a silvery tone.

I used one of the end pieces by knotting the hemp cord to the side with the 6 loops and added a magnet clasp to the other side with one loop. Perfect!

I also wanted to share one of the other fun pieces with you...these little snakes... aren't they adorable?

If I ran into a real snake, I think I would freak out a bit.

However, this bead snake is GREAT!

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