Saturday, February 11, 2012

This Week's Project: Ready-for-Spring Gnome Bracelet

I found a package with two of these GREAT hematite chain bracelets at one of the craft stores around the holidays.

They are Darice products, so they probably came from Joann Etc.

I came back across them today and when I opened the package realized how shiny and cool they were! Love the toggle too. It's a perfect chain for adding a great focal piece.

While sitting here wishing for spring and thinking about how to incorporate spring into a hematite chain, I might have actually snapped my fingers when the idea popped into my head, "GNOMES!"

This is an adorable gnome that is currently spending winter out in the garage with his gnome buddies. He has a watering can and a happy look on his face, ready to water some flowers!

I played around with adding beads to the chain, but nothing felt as good as it did just like this. Simple and charming.

This is one of the gnome pieces I made for a project in my book that never made it into a piece of jewelry. So this is a win-win! He's going to get his 15 minutes of fame, maybe even longer!

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