Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking the Cycle

Do you know when it's time to stop obsessing on something and move on? Usually I get to a point where I know it's time, the obsession is beginning to wane, but I still need something to put in its place.

The obsession I'm speaking of today has to do with music. I have toddler-like tendencies when it comes to music and movies. I will watch or listen to something over and over AND OVER until a normal person would say enough is enough!

So, to honor the release of my current Led Zepplin obsession, I thought a blog post and a piece of jewelry would help me move on. I love this bracelet because I think it says "love". In my mind the circles represent the un-ending commitment to something (a.k.a. obsession), but the chain breaks the cycle. The dangle feels like it keeps me grounded.

This probably only makes sense in MY head, but you know I can't help but share! :) You also know I love it when you share similar stories so I know I am in good company! Please DO!!

Now, let's just say how much we love jewelry. It can really help tell a story and mark an occasion!


Kokopelli said...

I'm like you. I'm obsessed with something like a song or a craftting technique, but after some weeks or months it's over and I get obsessed with something new. Right now it is chainmaille and sketching. I taught a chainmaille class and made some pieces. And my obsession with sketching lasts a year now. So I can completely understand. :-)

augcott said...

I can relate, too!
Once I get something in my head it becomes an obsession and it stays with me until ... well, until!!!! LOL Love that bracelet! I want to make one .... I MUST make one .... LOL
Seriously, I want to make one!

Saturday Sequins said...

I can also relate. I've been listening to my favorite band, The Hush Sound, almost nonstop for months! Or singing their songs when no one's around. :)

I also do that with interests. That's why I love jewelry making so much -- there's always some new technique to learn!

Loving the bracelet!

Jane S. said...

I have a touch of OCD and I obsess over stuff until I am just sick of it! That's about the only way I can move on, I have to completely overdose on it first. Did I mention I have a touch of OCD? ;)

Lisa Crone said...

Yay, I'm so glad to be in such good company, thank you all!! :)

Rachel said...

I am stuck on big beads (see them across the room big). They have become my latest 6 week long obsession. That and Christmas music. It was on from the middle of Nov to Jan 5th. When the radios stopped playing it I pulled out a CD of mixed Christmas music.