Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Online Hangout

I wanted to check in with all of you to find out if you have been hanging out on Pinterest lately. It seems to be popping up everywhere on blogs and websites. Of course, just like with Etsy, once you get there you forget where you came in or what you came for!

It's a visual dream...ahh, you can really get lost!

I found my way over to Artbeads on Pinterest and had fun looking at all the pretty pictures. This great necklace, with a pendant I think I need to add to my wish list, is their profile picture right now.

 Having just set up an account tonight, I am just an observer at this point, BUT it looks like a lot of fun. Sort of reminds me of a video game for some reason.

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts about and experiences with Pinterest, so please share!!


Sarah Sequins said...

I'm very new to Pinterest, but so far I love it. It gives me a chance to see beautiful things I might not otherwise find, to discover new artists, and also, to see how friends' brains are set up.

I love seeing how different people categorize their images. It's way more fun to delete all the categories Pinterest suggests and come up with your own.

Here's me! http://pinterest.com/saturdaysequins/

coolmoon said...

Be warned, Lisa. You may be on Pinterest so long you'll forget to blog! Seriously - it is fun, but it's a time sucker. But - on the upside, it's an excellent way to market your work. The Beadin' Path evn has a site that is open by invitation to other artists for them to post their work on. I have several pieces floatin' around out there - I'm even getting repinned!
Have fun. Don't forget to come up for air!
Cool Moon

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks for the input, it is greatly appreciated! :)