Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Creating a Wish List

Thanks for your encouragement to buy beads! I appreciate the comments on yesterday's post and now I'm preparing my wish list for beads!

Swarovski bead mixes are so great, I love coming across new ones. Here's a great one called, Blue Lagoon, from Auntie's beads. Having been to the "blue lagoon" in Nassau for the Dolphin Encounter, it took me back there for a little bit, ahh!

It was a great idea to throw in the green bicones for the color and realistic contrast of blues and greens.

These would make a great sparkly cuff bracelet! Wouldn't it be nice to order a few extra beading hours when you order new beads? :)

By the way, if you are over on Aunties's beads website, make sure you check out the Karla Kam instructional videos, she is AWESOME!!


Saturday Sequins said...

Ah, Nassau. I have some good memories there, too. Like getting my picture taken with flamingos!

I love the bead mix. Blues and greens are such a cheerful combination this time of year!

Skye said...

I love aunties :) they're my main 'goto' site for beads. I LOVE their grab bags, too! I've ordered a few of them, plus one of their claps grab bags and one of their turquoise pendant grab bags and have loved them all :D