Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Have you ever gotten lost jumping from one etsy site to another? WOW, it's like meditation or something...

I wanted to share a couple of great finds that are both related to Valentine's Day!

Look at this adorable labrador retriever, awwww! So darn cute!!

It's from the "Suzoom" etsy shop. I noticed a few other pets in her collection just in case you are looking!

This fabulous swirly set of beads is from the "Fanceethat" etsy shop. LOVE these! So fun and sweet!

Thanks to Suzoom and Fanceethat (AND Etsy) for a fun evening of treasure hunting!


fashion jewels said...

lovely pieces

Saturday Sequins said...

The puppy is adorable, and the swirly beads... look good enough to eat! Seriously.

Etsy's such a fun place. :)

Crystal said...

Yes! The time flies when browsing all the eye candy on etsy!

Such a sweet puppy, and I love those polymer beads. Thanks for sharing your finds. :-)