Thursday, January 12, 2012

Featured Designer: Debbie Rasmussen

We're taking a little detour tonight to feature a designer! Unheard of on a Thursday here at A Bead A Day, but hey, I just had a little realization....I can do whatever I want on A Bead A Day! :)

The best part of having a blog... total freedom!

So, here we go!

Debbie Rasmussen is new to blogging, but obviously not to beading!

Her designs are pretty spectacular. I have posted a couple of my faves here, but there are quite a few more on her blog, "A little of this, a little of that...beautiful things..."

I had to chuckle at her first post back in December. "...went on another beading field I need more beads. Actually I needed a couple of focal beads for my latest project..."

I know, I do the same thing. Go for a few beads and end up peeking at a few extras!

I also enjoyed how she speaks so emotionally about her designs. It makes them come alive! Here's what she wrote about this crystal encrusted pink necklace:

"The stone is Cobalton Calcite and is believed to aid in opening one's heart to others. The pink symbolizes love and caring, good for broken hearts and self discovery and can also aid in peaceful sleep."

Thanks for sharing Debbie!


Linda B said...

Found you from A Bead A Day. Gotta ask if your husband's name is John and if he designs jewelry too? If so, I just wanted to say, nice to meet you.

Your beading is beautiful.

Saturday Sequins said...

Ohhhh, her work is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Debbie with us. I absolutely love bead embroidery. :)

handcrafted jewelry said...

Oh wow, amazing beading :)