Monday, January 30, 2012

Keys & Butterflies

Okay, I have a confession to make...

I've been visiting Etsy again! BUT, look what I found.

I LOVE these keys that have been decorated with "butterflies in flight". So cool! Since butterflies represent transformation or awakening, I think this is a PERFECT way to express the idea that "you have the keys" to making a great life.

Created by "Adorn me Jewelry" (Tina & James), whose Etsy profile reads:

"We are a mother and son team bringing you beautiful handcrafted artisan jewelry for all tastes and sizes -- large and small. Because making sure our jewelry fits you is a passion and important goal, we offer the option of making almost all of our designs larger or smaller than the listing sizes, as you need them. Each of our items are made with loving care and an artistic consciousness with you, the individual, in mind...."

Here is the description of these earrings: "I have decorated vintage skeleton keys (1 1/2" long in size -- size Medium in the photo guide in this listing) with small butterflies in flight, then hung them from medium-sized gunmetal kidney-shaped ear wires. These earrings are a little weighty."

Wow, thanks to Adorn me Jewelry for such a fabulous expression of creativity!! 


Saturday Sequins said...

These earrings are cute!

I like that this shop offers their designs in a variety of sizes. That's something that customers will respond to!

Kokopelli said...

So d.... cute!

Shirley said...

I would take weighty to wear these! Too cool!