Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time for Crystal Pearls

This time of year always seems to bring on a hankering for pearls! There is nothing like a perfect Swarovski crystal pearl especially during the change in seasons.

I just popped over to FireMountainGems.com to check them out to see if anything stood out that I couldn't live without.

Here are a couple of finds...

The color on this 11 x 8mm Swarovski Crystal Bronze Pear makes my head spin it's SO smooth! Like that perfect flavored coffee you get once a year that brings tears to your eyes. Okay, that's me, but I bet you get the idea! YUM!

The description on the FireMountainGems site reads:

Regarded as the most magnificent crystal pearl manufacturer, Swarovski's dazzling colors and organic shapes start with a unique crystal core that is covered with an innovative pearlescent coating for a flawless, silky-smooth surface that resists cosmetics, chemicals and perfumes.

The other pearl I noticed is this 6mm round swarovski crystal pearl in CORAL! Wow, I don't remember this standing out to me before. It is SO shiny, the surface looks wet. Amazing!

I'd love to hear about your favorite pearls including where you shop for them!


Shel said...

wow - love the colors of these crystal pearls - they really look amazing!

For the crystal ones I like Artbeads, Fusion and Fire Mountain Gems, but for freshwater ones, I'm loving Nina Designs, Turquoise Magpie and wholesale I like Majestic Pearl and Pearl Paradise

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Shel! Thanks for sharing!

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

amazing really a beautiful example of art so nice and great i loved it a lot