Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blue & More Blue!

As mentioned in yesterday's post, there were several blue beads in the $2 Big Lots mix that are very different, but have the potential to complement each other nicely.

Here is the next blue bead!

It is a smooth, matte bead that has a subtle blue sky and cloud vibe.

There are so many options for using this one along with yesterday's "gem"! They would look nice strung with spacers, as pops of interest interspersed with chain or on colorful beading wire with crimps on either side to help them stand out.

The choices are ours and that is why I think we all probably love beading!


Skye said...

you should be busy making all sorts of things with these by now! lol Hopefully you took these photos all at once and are just posting them one at a time while you're busying using these pretty treasures :)

Mary said...

I just wanted to let you know that I went to my local Big Lots & I found the $2.00 bags of beads!

All the bags had a different selection, so my boyfriend patiently (sort of) waited for me to pick out the bag I wanted to try.

I found one bag with cute copper colored hearts with a white design on them as well as a bunch of little pink beads that will come in handy for kids projects.

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me know they have that kind of stuff at Big Lots. I also noticed alot of scrapbooking paper and stickers there too!

Yikes, I have to keep focused on one project at a time! :)

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