Monday, September 12, 2011

Flowery Design: Preparing for Phase 2

I wore Phase 1 of the Flowery Design bracelet to work today and have to say I enjoyed it! I could probably move on to another project and be perfectly happy with this one the way it is.

HOWEVER, I would like to at least TRY to expand on the idea a little bit by adding additional strands or some other element.

So, I was looking through beads and came across one of my all time favorites, THE GRADUATED SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL, if you think it sparkles on this blog, you have to get some of them to believe the sparkle in real life. Honestly, you can see it catch the light from across the room.

I just made a pendant for a tiny silver chain out of one of these with a giant cream pearl hanging from it last Thursday after sparkling up my watch. I needed something else sparkly to balance out all that watch bling! So, when I was making the simple pendant, I thought, "I've made this before".

Well, now I know why. I have earrings very much like it somewhere in the world. I just don't know where!! Good thing I'll always have this blog to remember these jewelry pieces that sometimes get up and walk away. :)

So, back to the crystal drop. If you have ideas for incorporating it into phase 1, let me know.


Barbara Lewis said...

These earrings are beautiful! Have you ever thought about getting into designing bridal jewelry? These with your bracelet would be perfect!

Lisa Crone said...

Aw, thanks Barbara! That would be lots of fun to be part of people's special day! :)

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

really dam beautiful

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