Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Black & White Design Wheels

Hopefully everyone was able to get back in the groove today if you were lucky enough to have yesterday off work, school or other responsibilities!

Guess what?! We are back to what I am now referring to as "The Ultimate Plastic Bead Mix"! Just in case you missed last week's posts, I came across two 50 gram bags of mixed plastic beads at Big Lots!

So, tonight's beads are these black and white wheels that remind me of the "Stampin' Up" rubber stamping wheels that have a handle and an ink cartridge inside so when you roll them onto your cardstock, it rolls on the design!

Very cool! In reality, they are interesting black and white plastic beads!

I was rolling them around with some solid black and solid white beads and they really popped off the table. Actually, I think they would be great with just black beads. Either way, pretty fun!

Now, before signing off, I have a task for you, if you are feeling up to it!! There was a mystery bead in the bead mix package and I am looking for help with identifying it! ANY IDEAS?


alankarshilpa said...

I came across these beads too and I kind of liked them and did make some jewelry. Here is a picture of my finished product in my blog.

It's so interesting to see these beads in your site too:)

Skye said...

...it kinda looks like a cartoon puppy head with the hole in his forehead ...O.o

I've got similar beads to your black and white ones though, but mine aren't black and white :( I have dark brown with cream markings and pale green with cream markings I think... the black and white look much nicer :)

Jet said...

i agree with Skye - i see a puppy, too. with an odd hole in it's head. very strange, haha.

Anonymous said...

the ivory beads with the black detail. ♥"luff" them♥!
the second (mystery) bead.
i agree both with puppy head (upon seeing it when it was suggested) and perhaps a malformed molar without the roots.
the latter of the two ideas seems a little morbid, but i suppose teeth (usually from animals) have been used in more indigenous, trophy pieces of jewelry =)

Therese's Treasures said...

I like the white and black beads also and I too agree a dog head with the face missing. Maybe that is what snaps into the half drilled hole.

Shirley said...

I'm gonna go with Porky the Pig...with an Elmer Fudd shotgun blast to the head! :)

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks everyone! Loved all your comments. Could be a puppy or porky pig! I'm sure one day it will be the perfect bead for a special piece of jewelry! :)

Andrea said...

I think its my 13 year old's tooth that fell out and we lost. Lol

High-end Burmese Jade said...

Jadeite Experts love the black and white beads. I'm sure it would create an interesting piece of fashion jewelry. For the mystery bead, It looks like a puppy head which I would agree. But another thing, It's like a hidden Mickey. :)