Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ghostly Beads

This seems to be the weekend when halloweeny things start turning up in the stores so I thought it would be a good time to search out some cool beads to go along with that theme.

Wait till you see these!! They are all cool! Some are sweet and others are a tiny bit scary! There are a number of links below that I thought you might like.

I have to admit that I'm still hooked on my 4G android phone and have been spending way too much time each weekend playing with new apps. Well, let me just tell you about the one that has had me intrigued all day today!

Here is called "Ghost Radar" and, you guessed it, the app tracks changes in electromagnetic fields, vibrations and sounds then analyzes them to detect quantum fluctuations...Huh?


All I really know is that it is a very entertaining and even enlightening app. Well worth the 99cents for the version with extra features. :)

So, whether you are REALLY into halloween or the casual trick-or-treat giver-outer, there's always room for halloweeny jewelry!


Raeven said...

I deleted the comment I made before this cause it had a typo but what I said was-

You really do like that Ghost Radar app, don't you. Haha.

Diana P. said...

How funny that you featured those ghost beads. I was just surfing Etsy last night looking for glass halloween beads!

Shel said...

The Ghost Radar app sounds like a hoot! And the little ghostie beads you posted are cute as ever!

Almost Precious said...

Too cute beads ! Can not believe that Halloween is really right around the next calendar page. Yikes !

Beadwright said...

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Thanks for sharing the blogs. I have a new book giveaway please stop by to check it out.

Crowbirdie Beads said...

OH my goodness! I had no idea that you'd posted my ghosties on your blog until this morning when I was playing with Etsy shop stats! Thanks so much! I made the ghostly duet pendant :D