Monday, November 8, 2010

Revisiting A Great Component & A Book Giveaway

Today's bead a sterling silver component from that I received probably close to at least a year ago, maybe even 2 years ago. Time just flies right by when beads are involved.

I had used this component in a necklace and then ended up doubling the chain, adding a new clasp and turning it into a great bracelet. I didn't like the idea of other people seeing the beads when I couldn't!! :)

I'm now at a crossroads because I just came across the piece again last week and my first thought was to take this apart and create something fresh & new...Please let me know if you think I should!)

I also wanted to take a minute in today's post to let you know of a giveway going on over at on Facebook. They are giving away two copies of A Bead in Time.



Regina said...

I love they way it is wouldn't change a thing.. it would be lovely having it around my wrist all day. Have a great day!

Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

I don't think I'd change it! It's very pretty just the way it is!

Cheryl's Jewelry Minute said...

I love your work it is really lovely

Azure Islands Designs said...

Hey Lisa...NO...leave it as is lovely...I love the color and the the detail!!!

Love your book as well...the winners from blog will be very lucky!!!

It must be soon time for a "new" book??? :0)

TesoriTrovati said...

I have started a bin that I call Revamps. When I am tired of something it goes in. Someday I will have to challenge myself to make something new. I say re work it girl!
And show the results!
Enjoy the day!