Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Cornucopia...

Since I have an abundance of things to mention, it seemed appropriate to call this the cornucopia post!

I realized today that I've been wearing this "cornucopia" bracelet, but never posted an updated photo of the final project.

This is my fall beading project that I mentioned back in early October's posts. Originally I had used the same brown hemp cord for the band, but I had used some fabric glitter glue to sparkle it up a bit.

I personally enjoyed the glitter especially when I found it everywhere I had been when wearing the bracelet, however, I realized it was a little more "basket like" without the glitter and dangles and felt like what I was going for. So, here is the final version and I have to say I LOVE the Swarovski sparkle!!

I also wanted to THANK everyone for participating in the book giveaway for "A Bead in Time" on facebook! The first winner will be announced on Monday, so please stay tuned! :)

The last thing I wanted to mention is Margot Potter's debut on JTV's jewel school today, how cool is that? For the part I saw, she had this very cool wire tool for making easy jump rings. I can't wait to see what she has in store next!


Maryanne said...

Love the final version of your bracelet. They're some of my favorite colors!

Deana Hoppe said...

Love the colors of the reminds me of the leaves changing at home! So pretty! Does mom have one like that? She would really like that! LOL
Talk to you soon!