Saturday, November 13, 2010

Featured Designer: Tammy Powley, The Crafty Princess

Aren't weekends great?!! I know, silly question... The answer is YES!

My husband and I were having a laugh earlier about the fact that local radio stations are already playing holiday music. Our question was, where are the Thanksgiving holiday songs? Are there any?

I'd like to throw the question out to all of you now, if you know of any Thanksgiving holiday songs, PLEASE send them my way!! :)

I just happened to click over to Tammy Powley's Jewelry Making website at and noticed, as always, she had a current crafty holiday related project posted! What holiday, you ask? THANKSGIVING!! :)

Tammy is SO crafty which explains why she is nicknamed "The Crafty Princess" on her own personal blog!

Check out this project and more on


For My Sweet Daughter said...

The only Thanksgiving Song I can think of is the one by Adam Sandler.

moonlitfantaseas said...

the only one I can think of is one we used to sing in school, when I was a kid, Over The River And Through The Woods........and I'm not sure it mentions thanksgiving, but we did sing it at that time of year