Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Beading for Yourself

I ran out of the house last Monday without grabbing a bracelet. No problem, I always have one or two in a purse pocket.

I happened to have switched bags and found this 3 strand pearl/MOP bracelet that I made several years ago.

I love the cuff effect of this one and wish it had some other colors in it.

I was just thinking about making something tonight so I would have something new to wear tomorrow and my thoughts turned to a multicolor/multistrand pearl bracelet.

I still have a few beads from each of these combos and am thinking about mixing them up and adding crystals.

You know how you get that feeling that you NEED to bead or NEED something new to help you have more positivity?

It's so great to look down at your wrist and see something fresh, new and fun to give you a BOOST of whatever it is that you need.

It could be fun or confidence, but in any case that is one of the wonderful things about beading for yourself!!

I'm heading for beads, I'll keep you posted!


Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Have you yet emerged from the beads, Lisa? LOL Love the fun colors of pearls! Hope your holiday home is looking all festive and full of love!

Have a terrific day!

la Naváa said...

I feel ya! Good luck with the combo creation.

Heather Beading said...

I love the beautiful colors of the pearls. Yes it is fun creating for yourself and you can never have enough. Happy Beading.