Sunday, October 3, 2010

Phase 1, Fall Bracelet Project

I have begun my fall bracelet project with my crystals and memory wire. So far, I have completed phase 1 of the focal piece of the bracelet.

I have a few thoughts for the next steps and am looking forward to see if I can bring it all together as it is in my head. This is when it would be great to just connect a USB from my head to my computer and hit print! :)

I hope you were able to get some crafting in this weekend!!

By the way, I have a winner to announce for the Inspirational Beading Bracelet Tutorial Giveaway!! The lucky one is Nicole of "The Beadwright" blog. Yay! Thanks everyone so much for your comments!


1 comment:

Jenni said...

The beginnings of your bracelet is looking beautiful! I love those tear-drop shaped crystals, I must see where I can find a supplier in the UK! :)