Thursday, October 14, 2010

Jackpot Find at Tuesday Morning

I happened to pop into the liquidation store, Tuesday Morning, today following a routine Dr. appointment just to treat myself to something unexpected.

I'm not a huge shopper unless it's for beads or craft related items, so it's fun for me to shop for home goods without a plan.

I ended up finding a few interesting drinking glasses to add to the cupboard. We have a few that need to be retired.

Then...I hit the jackpot!! I noticed this package and picked it off the rack before realizing it was connected to 3 other bead packages as a grouping for $2.99. How cool is that?

Each package contains a different variety of mother of pearl beads! It was the last package so I headed to the checkout happy with my purchases!

This first pendant makes me want to pair an offwhite and light turquoise hemp cord for a choker with this hanging from it :)



Davinia said...

You could try stamping on the pendant. I stamped on some MOP beads with black stazon and made them into earrings. They turned out great.

Lori said...

LOL! As an Employee of Tuesday morning..all I can say is CHECK FREQUENTLY.. they get many beading supplies.. the trick is geting them before the employees!