Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mezmerized by Beads

I received the Rings & Things fall supplement catalog today and placed it on the kitchen counter until I had a chance to sit down and look through it. The picture on the front was upside down and every time I walked by, I was mezmerized by it.

I just didn't have time to pick it up or even turn it around and look at what the picture was actually of. I just kept seeing a bauble of beads on a white background.

I finally had a chance to relax and take a quick peek through it. First of all, the picture on the front cover is of a beaded hair clip! On page 3 it reads, "Based on customer requests, we've added a huge selection of hair findings!" This design is called, "Precious Pretty Hair Clip".

How fun!! The possibilities are endless!

I also noticed on the same page that they have some new ear wire shapes! The ones shown are the large round loops which I have seen on people before, but never used them myself. There is something sort of happy about them.

So, here I sit, leisurely perusing my bead catalog in my jammies with my hubby and dogs is good!!

I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying the little happy moments too! :)


JustATish said...

i got mine, and i havn't had a chance to look at it either. i think i will put on a pot of coffee and have some me time this morning and make a wish list :)

Shaiha said...

Same here. Just been too busy but now I will have to make sure I take the time.

Dave at Rings & Things said...

Hi Lisa, we're glad your Fall supplement arrived safe & sound and...mesmerizing :) Now that's high praise and we're tickled to hear it! Happy reading,

at Rings & Things