Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Comfort Beads

I have a theory about seasonal change....

I'm sure you are familiar with the subconscious desire people have to eat comfort foods as the weather turns colder.

My theory is the same goes for having a subconscious desire for "comfort beads". In my case, I begin seeing stones in a very different way.

Throughout most of the summer, I have pretty much snubbed gems, but come a 40 something degree day and my eye begins to wander toward the stone beads.

Interesting or crazy? Well, I'm not entirely sure! I'm curous as to whether or not anyone else has witnessed or experienced the same thing!


Suz said...

That is a very interesting theory. I wonder if there really is something to it. I make jewelry and have a small business but personally, I don't wear much jewelry in the spring or especially summer. I live in Minnesota and two days ago,I found myself getting out all of my old jewelry (like ALL of it) and thinking about what I would wear (even with jeans). Then today we have our first nasty day of snow and terrible wind.

I also find myself creating much more when the weather gets cold. Part of it is our Holiday show but I just feel this urge to create things in the Fall months, while I am must more reticent in the Spring (and it doesn't have to do totally with my desire to be outside. I am a bit of an inside couch potato all year round!

Very interesting. I feel like a bit of a nut case writing this;-)

I have you on my Google Reader and check in often. I will start responding!


Maryanne said...

I'm a big time seasonal person. But, my response is more color driven than materials. I love bright summery colors after a dreary winter, but come the latter part of August and I'm looking at the glorious rich fall colors. I really do think there is something to the seasonal shift. Nesting definitely kicks in with me in the fall.