Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amethyst Cubes

These cubes are 20x20mm flat glass beads in amethyst. They have some great colors in them from gray to pink depending on how the light hits them.

I bought these recently to see if I could decopauge some paper designs on them. Unfortunately, the paper designs are a little large so I need to scan them and shrink them down slightly.

The paper that I want to glue on is actually a paper wrapper from a fancy, nutritious chocolate candy called, "Xocai". I believe they are filled with antioxidants and other good for you things, but if you didn't know, you would just think it was a fancy piece of chocolate!

If you were a salesperson of these chocolates, wouldn't it be fun to be toting around a bracelet that looked like a strand of chocolate candies? Yummy!!

I'll let you know if we can pull this off!


Jenni said...

Oh, sounds very interesting! Be sure to keep us updated on how it goes...

Wenchzilla said...

Yes, this is a great idea. Keep us posted!

jamberry_song said...

Mmmmm, it will be delicious. :D