Monday, June 28, 2010

Turquoise Colored Connectors

I had never seen packages of these connectors until yesterday. I found these at Joann, etc.

They are a product of the Plaid Company and what was SO cool, but so frustrating was not only did they have these in this turquoise color, they had them in very light pink, spring green and lavender as well. The frustrating part was choosing which color to buy!!

Considering my attachment to blues and aqua tones, I chose this one. I first had the green one in my hand, then the pink...

So, back to the products... This one package had 10 of the square connectors and 15 of the rounds.

I was very surprised to see they had headpins, earwires, chain and lobster clasps in the same corresponding colors!! I will have to check my JoAnn bag to see which other pieces I bought so stay tuned for more tomorrow!!

I hope you are all having a great week!!


waterwaif said...

Love those! They must be new because I haven't seen them at my Joann's yet!

MithrilDreams_com said...

I love those too. I may have to go find some for myself :)