Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Week's Project: The Universe Bracelet

In preparation for our trip, I am trying to find my universe bracelet. I made a bunch of them early last year for friends and one for myself. I was very intrigued by these beads when I saw them on an etsy site and had to have them.

Two of the people I made them for have worn them on every vacation they have been on since then. Would you believe that one of these friends has been on 5 vacations since then?!

One of the universe bracelets has been to Costa Rica, the Grand Canyon, Sonoma, a Yoga Retreat in New York and Florida! One of the others has been to Florida and Hawaii!

Since we haven't had a vacation away from home in two years, mine has not traveled anywhere except work, etc. I'm ready for some traveling, so I have to find it!!

I need to retrace my steps! I'm sure it will come to me!

By the way, I checked the tracking on my firemountain order yesterday and it said, "delivered"!! I went to the front door and there it was, how cool is that?!!

I hope you are having a great weekend!! :)


Little Glory said...

Wooooow... I like it! :)

Malin de Koning said...

Universally beautiful beads!
Have a nice trip!

Dianacraftstoo said...

I really like these beads..have fun on your trip..

Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Very cool bracelet! I hope you find it Lisa! Also cool on the FMG tracking too! BONUS! :)

Happy Vacationing!

kitchen table said...

Take care! Have a nice trip. Happy vacation. Beautiful beads indeed. Everyone should see this bracelet.

JustATish said...

Those focal beads are beautiful! I love the bracelets. I hope you find it!!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

That happened to me the other day. I was waiting all day to hear the delivery truck for a package. Got fed up and checked the tracking to see where it was and it said it was delivered. Sure enough it was on the front porch. How the heck did they do that without me hearing? Maybe they 'Beamed' it there! LOL

Gorgeous bracelet Lisa! The beads look like the Jupiter Beads I make out of polymer clay. Hope you find it for your trip!