Friday, June 25, 2010

Featured Designer: Valerie of Additions Style

It's Friday and it's vacation, I can't think of any better day than that!

It just so happens this week's featured designer has been blogging about vacation recently too so this feature is perfect timing!

I feel that I am introducing you to a fabulous and fun designer AS WELL AS a wonderfully positive force whose blog, Additions Style, will make you feel good!

I am excited and inspired as I work my way through all the cool hardware inspired pieces in her etsy shop!

My heart keeps doing flip flops!! I LOVE IT ALL! I had a difficult time choosing which pieces to showcase here because each item is special!

There is something wonderful about the contrast of the hardware with the feminine aspect of jewelry that is so much FUN!

In her profile, Valerie mentioned that she wanted to try something new a couple of years ago and when she and her daughter found themselves in a hardware store, her "design process was recharged".

She realized she could create jewelry that looked like silver using hardware that was very affordable!! How fun and exciting!!

Thanks a million Valerie for allowing me to share your work here today!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Kokopelli said...

I love to go to hardware and fishing stores and look for cool "jewelry-usable" things. Especially the screws and washers aisle in hardware stores is good for that.
Great designs! And they really look like silver.

Kirsten said...

Very cleverly done items! Thanks for sharing Valerie's talent with us Lisa!