Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aqua Rectangle

I'm so excited to use my Firemountain Gems gift certificate especially now that I have received help from the blogger world! Thanks so much to everyone for helping me design my orange/tangerine/multi-color necklace over the last couple of days, how fun that is going to be to make!!

So, on to the next item on my order... I'm switching gears and have to admit I loved the price of these celestial crystal aqua rectangles.

At less than $3 for 2 of these 28x16mm beads, I am going to get several pairs to use to make matching necklaces for gifts or for the next craft night!

I still need to work on some other pieces to go with this, I'm thinking some kind of bright silver tubes or other silver baubles.

I hope you don't mind accompanying me on this shopping spree, but it just wouldn't be the same all by myself!! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this color, particularly for summer. Bling it up, Lisa!

Lisa, can you update the link to my blog. It's S & T Creations at