Sunday, June 27, 2010

Quick Question and Bead Blogger Updates

I know you will all be happy once I get my vacation show on the road so I will move on to another topic...:) But, until then, I have a question for you if you have a minute.

I am curious to know how each of you selects and packs the jewelry you take on a trip. Does it matter if it's camping vs. a caribbean cruise? Do you just take the few things you love and leave the rest home? Do you take everything and wear three bracelets on each arm regardless of whether they match your outfit or surroundings?

I'd love to hear your philosophy on this topic!

The other part of the question is HOW do you pack your jewelry? Do you haphazardly throw it all in a ziploc baggie? Roll each piece carefully up in a soft cotton cloth? Or, use a product made specifically for this purpose?

Please share if you can! I have ulterior motives, of course! I am hoping to find I'm not the only one who has donned a few ziplocs and also not the only one who brings a little bit of everything!

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Designs by Dawn Marie said...

Hey Lisa, you can post about your vacation all you want! I'm excited for you... so post away. Anytime I travel I use a combination method for my jewelry. Some is in ziplocks, other more dainty pieces I use in a 4x4 jewelry box so they don't run the risk of getting smashed. :)

I'm sure whatever method you choose it will work perfect. And who cares if it doesn't match... it can then be a great conversation piece!


Be~Jeweled by Jana said...

I usually pick jewelry to go with each outfit I'm taking and pack it in a jewelry box. Whereever you go you need a little sparkle!

Have a wonderful vacation!

Claire Goverts said...

I used to pack my jewerly in ziplocks for trips, but now I use a small little bag I got with some Mary Kay makeup. The makeup fit better in with the brush kit, and the bag is a nice size for a few necklaces and earrings.

The last trip I went on was to a wedding, so I brought jewerly to match what I was wearing. Usually I grab a few pieces that I enjoy wearing, and are the right length to work with my shirts (necklaces mostly). My wardrobe is heavy on the purple and blues as is my jewerly. So I don't have to worry to much how well things will match.

Pepita said...

I take different types of vacations, from backpacking in Spain and Thailand to roadtrips in Costa Rica or Mexico. So I do not take my most expensive jewelry! I select the favorite pieces which I know I will wear often and that will go with the outfits that I am bringing.

I do use the little cloth gift bags for jewelry to pack them. All earrings go together and bigger necklaces or bracelets may have their own little bag. I prefer those over ziploc because I like silver to be able to breathe and in more humid climates I don't want to seal up my jewelry either.

Then I put all the bags in a nice toiletry bag that is a bit sturdy so the stuff on the inside won't be damaged.

Cindy said...

So happy to have found your blog today! Wish I could share more about how I travel with jewelry, but I don't do much traveling these days. I bring along a few pieces of jewelry to go with my outfits and actually just throw them in my make up bag (yikes!).

coolmoon said...

It doesn't matter where you go, it's how much you SPARKLE! I don't travel much either, but when I do, I usually choose my outfits first, and then coordinate jewelry pieces to go with. MY problem (if you can call it that) is having more than one piece of jewelry that matches my outfit - it depends on my mood as to which one I wear with it. So since I don't KNOW what my mood will be on vacation, I gotta bring MORE THAN ONE set of jewelry for each. Drama...
As for packing it - I have a large makeup and hair product travel bag with pockets and compartments. LOTS OF THEM....
Have a wonderful time. Don't forget to sparkle!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Lisa, I usually wear copper pieces I have made so I tend to pack lots of that and I find that copper coordinates with just about everything (at least in my mind it does!). I usually take a look at the blouses and tops I am packing and try to put a few other colorful pieces in, also.

Since we travel in a motorhome, we are not truly camping but, rather, taking road trips. We are a very casual couple so we tend to not to dress up either at home or on the road.

I used to not wear much jewelry, saving it for when I got dressed up. Then I realized that I rarely got dressed up so started wearing my jewelry pieces more, who cares if I am wearing bling with my jeans?! Now that I am making my own jewelry and selling it I wear lots more of it, every day! Speaking of selling, the more of your pieces you wear, the more strangers will notice it and ask about it. A bead store owner told me he thought I would sell more "off my neck" than in shows! And, that has happened several times.

Regarding how I pack them, I have converted a folding toiletry bag for travel to carrying my jewelry. It has three clear plastic pockets inside that zip shut and once you get to your destination you can open it and hang it in the closet. Traveling in an RV as you are will allow you to hang it up for the entire trip, so I find that works best for me.

Karin said...

I always pack more than I wear, but I like to have choices! I have this nifty hand sewn bag that someone gave me. It is circular and has a drawstring. Channels are sewn all around (like pie slices, but ending 2/3 from the center). Earrings fit in the channels, and stay nice and neat. Bracelets and necklaces fit in the middle. Once full, pull the drawstrings and the whole thing tightens up into a little pouch. I am sure you've seen these around at craft fairs. It is the best for traveling!

d'Olivia said...

I usually pack something plain that goes with everything, and put it in a jewelry roll. I just wear the same earrings, and bring a necklace. I really don't wear much jewelry, I just make tons of it, which is why I had to start selling it.

Miss Val's Creations said...

I take a very simple approach and wear the same thing all vacation so there is no packing of jewelry. It is boring but I try to pack as light as possible!

meh-crame said...

Hey, Lisa,
This is a great question. I once lost my necklace at the airport, so now I am very careful. The necklace turned up in the lost and found a week later - I was very happy about that because I was teaching a class on how to make this necklace a week later. So, in my experience, wearing jewlry to the airport is not a good idea. Putting it in the luggage is not a good idea either. I had my luggage delayed for days on numerous occasions - I travel quite a bit. So my solution is a big purse and small chocolate boxes, which I reuse for packing jewelry. Big round plastic boxes or metal ones will cause problems at the security checkpoint. If you just put your jewelry in a ziplock, it might get damaged. Happy travels!