Thursday, June 3, 2010

MORE Bead Embroidery!!

For today's post, I have a special treat for you!

Our friend and fellow bead-blogger, Cyndi Lavin, of Beading Arts, recently provided the first chapter of her bead embroidery e-book as a free download.

It is still available here if you didn't have a chance to download it previously.

She has just announced that Chapter 2 has been completed and is now available on her blog, Beading Arts, for a very minimal fee of $3.00.

I just had a chance to roll through all 72 pages of chapter 2 and am amazed that she is churning this out so quickly. It seems to me like a "life's work" project. I think when you can put something out at this pace, you know you have tapped into your inspiration.

I love how she provides some step by step shots that finally take the mystery out of how these artists actually do this bead embroidery. Very cool! It makes me think maybe even I could do something like that!

Cyndi describes this chapter as an exploration of the exchange between mixed media art and bead embroidery...a fancy way of saying "Altered Surfaces".

Thanks a million Cyndi for allowing me to share this here!!


Willi said...

Wow- I just purchased chapter two and there is a lot of info and advice for $3. Can't wait to read it and try some new ideas.

Thanks for sharing!

Azure Islands Designs said...

What gorgeous work...I am always in awe of those who do bead embroidery...I don't have the patience for it but love the results!


Cathryn said...

One of these days...Just one of these days, I will learn how to do bead embroidery like that!

Kokopelli said...

Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Bead embroiery is one of my favorite techniques and I'm still exploring.