Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gorgeous Brown Hemp Cord

This brown hemp cord is such a gorgeous color, I couldn't resist it! It brought to mind a bead I have and love, but have never used.

This wooden flower bead has been in my collection for at least a year and would be a great focal bead in a jewelry piece made with this gorgeous brown hemp cord.

I also came across this cool bronze bead mix that would be a lot of fun to use randomly in a design using this hemp cord. It is such thin cording that it might work in a crochet piece.

Once I started looking through beads that have been posted here previously, I came across quite a few that would be great and would each create a very different and unique piece of jewelry.

Some pieces could be very informal with lots of dangles while others could be very structured with tight knots throughout.

So many possibilities, so little time!!

Let me know what you think!! Have a great evening!


Dawno said...

Takes me back to my macrame days! Do people macrame anymore?

Carol said...

Lucky you. I have been looking for really thin macrame cord for a necklace for my grandson. We went to our LBS and he chose certain beads for "power" when strung with a crystal. $33 worth. Now I need to find hemp or really think leather to string it on. I'll be shopping the internet this weekend!

Nancy said...

Oh, what fun! Can't wait to see what you create!

How's everything?

Annika said...

Yum yum! Oh, make something intricate with that beautiful cord! I am a micro-macramer - take a look at my blog for macrame inspiration goodness!

JustATish said...

I have that exact spool of hemp :)
I use it all the time.

I love the third bead up from the bottom, the swirls!

Azure Islands Designs said...

Great color for the cord...I've never done any macrame will be interesting to see what you come up with. I don like the flower bead...would be a great focal!!


Anonymous said...

Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read blogs like that. By the way add more pics :)

Celina said...

I just loved those beads.Well can U tell me the cost of that brown hemp cord?Also what articles can be made out of this cord using different hemp patterns?