Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chain Linkies

Today's post showcases the last of the cool Jill MacKay pieces I recently found in the online catalog at ConsumerCrafts.com. I haven't even looked through all the art and craft supplies yet, I have a serious thing for glitter and mod podge!!

These "sterling plated linkies" are made with 3 lengths of chain hooked together at each end by a large jump ring. My first thought is to use them in a bracelet design, one on top of the wrist and one underneath with bursts of beads at the connecting points.

However, I was also thinking you could "stack" them at different heights as the focal piece in a necklace. It might be interesting to weave colored cording throughout some of the chain and add one large focal pendant hanging from a 3rd cord.

I love all the cool ideas people have shared over the last week for using these Jill MacKay pieces...very creative!! Now I've gotta run and get my beads out!

Have a good one! (Check out this post for the free shipping info through 9/1/09)


Azure Islands Designs said...

Interesting...you are right there are many ways to use these! I'm not sure how long they are but earrings might also be an option...


liquidblackout said...

Hi Lisa!
I just received the package you sent me. Thank you so much for the beautiful beads!
All the best,