Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8 Loop Ring Form!

Oh my goodness, 8 loops! I thought this would be a lot of fun to play with because of all the loops and the brightness of the silver plating to me calls for lots of crystals!

Yes, you guessed it, this adjustable/beadable ring is a Jill MacKay product from ConsumerCrafts.com. I mentioned yesterday that I was pleased to discover these products online so I could take my time looking through all 9 pages!

I didn't realize until just now that the packaging for these products also includes "Inspiration from Jill". That's pretty cool! There is a photo of a finished design idea for this ring along with instructions and I've got to tell you, it is overflowing with crystals in a variety of colors!!

I was just thinking it would be fun to structure the crystals on the form to look like a fireworks explosion!!

Please let me know what you think!! If you are interested, check out yesterday's post for info regarding free shipping through 9/1/09.


Azure Islands Designs said...

Interesting...I like your "fireworks" idea...I've never used these kinds of rings so I look forward to seeing your finished product.


JustATish said...

Yes Fireworks!
those are so cool!

question - would you do a wire wrap with each on for security or would you do just a basic loop?

the basic loop seems it may sit closer, and the wrap may sit up to high....