Friday, August 28, 2009

Featured Designer: Adribeads of Budapest

What a happy day! It's featured designer Friday!! :)

I've been waiting all week to share these pieces with you. I thought these were clever and extra cool because they are made using a bottlecap as a base.

When I visited the Adribeads etsy site I was intrigued by the color combinations, technique and materials used to turn used bottlecaps into earrings.

The designer of these cool pieces is Adrienn of Budapest.

Adrienn also has a blog where she shares her designs and thoughts behind them.

Make sure you check out her seed bead peace sign earrings too! Another clever design!

Thanks for sharing Adrienn! Have a great weekend!!


Adrienn said...

Thank You very much for noticing my work :) Such a honor for me :)
I always loved creating things that people think beautiful mainly out of something less nice!
Thank You one more time for the feature! Have a wonderful weekend!
<3 from Adri

Little Glory said...

The earrings are beautiful! Very interesting tehnique!

MyBlog said...

Your earrings are beautiful. Keep being creative.