Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunny Days

Hello! I hope everyone was able to enjoy a bit of warmth and sunshine today. It was 71 and gorgeous here in Ohio!! Just knowing there won't be snow and ice in rush hour traffic is such a relief!! Let's hope that's all behind us for the season!!

Today's sunny faceted drop beads are adorable and tiny. I'm guessing they are probably just a tad larger than 4mm on the drop end. There are so many uses for drop beads of this size. I tend to use beads like this as earring or chain link dangles. They are also small enough to use on an ankle chain. I'd say those are the more obvious uses for these beads. If you enjoy using the right angle weave in your jewelry designs, these beads would add some flair to a simple right angle weave "chain" pattern. Using them as the outer beads and bright multicolor bicone or crystal rounds as the inner, or shared, beads would make a nice springy gift to yourself or a friend.

We really owe it to ourselves to celebrate life and the little milestones as we go along the path, such as the transition from one season to the next. Remembering to celebrate friendships is also important since it is easy to take them for granted. What a nice, unexpected surprise it would be to give or receive a sparkly piece of jewelry just in time for the the spring wardrobe change.

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The Beading Gem said...

Thanks for your sunshiny post! It goes to show there is hope yet for me. We still have snow on the ground up north!