Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Arts&Crafts Saga Continues...

Gosh, it's hard to believe this weekend is ending... I'm going to enjoy every last minute of it! My arts and crafts day sort of turned in to more of an arts and crafts weekend! It might be a while before I have an entire weekend to dedicate solely to playing with beads.

After gluing a pearl onto a gold disk in yesterday's project, I wanted to try using that combination to embellish a gold plated bracelet blank from Rings&Things. I didn't have a heavy gauge gold wire that was needed to attach the swarovski pearls inside the loops so I cut the heads off some head pins. There wasn't enough room to do wire wrapping without taking the bracelet apart, so simple wire loops worked great.

The gold disks were already drilled and ready for dangles. I am so glad I realized it would be easier to hang the dangles before gluing the disks!! Very easy! Let me know what you think. It's a lot of pearls, but they are slightly different tones.

Even though there aren't any crystals in this bracelet, it seems kind of sparkly! Must be the crystals inside the swarovski pearls shining through. Did you know the pearls have a crystal in the center? Pretty cool...I'm not sure of the purpose of that, the swarovski rep that taught a class I took said it was a top secret process. I'm not sure if that's really true or if he was pulling our legs.

Best wishes for a great week!


Carole said...

That's really pretty!

Dave Robertson said...

Phenomenal, Lisa, I love it. You know, when we started this Blog Partners program we couldn't have guessed that the results would be so wonderfully inventive. Thanks a million for this and your other neat designs using our stuff!


Lisa said...

Thanks so much Dave! You are too kind! I have thoroughly enjoyed these challenges as well as getting to know some of the others who are participating.