Friday, March 20, 2009

Clever & Cute Button Rings

Is this ring adorable or what? I have to admit this green "Retro Betty" ring really got me. It reminded me of going through flea markets and finding that one room that was set up entirely in the most kitschy 1950's classic designs. I always felt like moving into that booth space, like it was home. I can't explain it, but I think you just know on the inside when you come across things that speak to you and give you a good feeling.

I had never even thought about the possibility of using buttons like this and was amazed at the creativity of this designer, Black Rose, from London. She kindly agreed to allow me to post her ring here, which I appreciate! I just had to share!!

Below is the description from her Artfire site:
"Look how Retro Betty shimmers and dazzles as you move your finger - she loves to be noticed!!All three gorgeous pearlised buttons are upcycled vintage. The bottom two have striping and the little green top button is plain throughout. The silver plated ring base is adjustable and will fit upto larger fingers.Base button is 30mm wide."

Here is another of her ring designs that is too cute for bead candy! I guess that would be button candy!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a great and crafty weekend! Yay!


Black Rose said...

Lisa thanks so much for featuring my button rings!! It's made a lovely start to my day! Great article too!

Black Rose said...

Oooh thanks for letting me know about that brooch design competition too Lisa! I shall have a look into this more later when I get the time to! Val (Black Rose)

Carole said...

Those are cute. :-)

I've seen bracelets made in a similar way. A great use of cherished buttons!