Monday, March 23, 2009

Angelic Boro Lampwork Bead

Hello! I came across a website recently that was advertising a Free Bead of the Month. Of course after seeing this bead below ("small lentil with windows"), I was ready to get signed up for the drawing!
I took a few minutes to read the info on this site by Sandra Saylor Seaman. She spoke about her journey from Bead Store owner to lampwork bead designer very matter-of-factly. My first thought was how she was obviously destined to make lampwork beads. When you hear stories like this, you realize that there aren't really any "mistakes" as our path takes us in different directions, there are just a number of different stops we have to make to get there!

Thanks to Sandra for allowing me to share this information as well as her gorgeous beads. Check out her etsy site for more gorgeous work!

Sandra's website is entitled, "One Bead at a Time: Fresh and original lampwork glass beads and Jewelry by Sandra Saylor Seaman".

Today's bead is Sandra's "Angelic Boro Becoming Bicone Lampwork Glass Focal Bead." Her description of this bead is wonderful:

This bead style was born when I kept noticing how much I liked my bicone beads before they were smooth and completed. Thus - the "Becoming" bead name - so a little bead reminder that it is all about the journey, not the destination. This one has a transparent pale aqua base with speckles of cream and "wings" of clear glass.

I also LOVED these gorgeous bubble boro beads (below)...the colors are so beautiful! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


Dangles Jewelry said...

Thank you for sharing this! These beads really are something different, very cool.

~Dangles Jewelry~

eleanore said...

These really are gorgeous! Such artistry!

Ikow Designs said...

Sandra is an amazing artist! I found her several years ago and have a purchased many of her beads. She is truly gifted!

Carole said...

Beautiful stuff. I'm going to have to check out her website.

I've been considering taking a bead making class to learn how to make my own beads. I think it would be a neat thing.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful beads!!
I, too, am getting antsy for spring ... which reminds me I still need to do something with the "hippie" beads I bought at Ally's a few months ago. Hmmm...maybe I'll bring them to Artiscape & pick your creative brain. ;o)