Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Glass Aqua Chips

I have a serious thing for anything aqua!! I originally bought some strands of aqua glass chips for a piece of jewelry that never came to fruition. I had also bought some adorable, tiny little sterling dolphins to go along with the chips.

They've been hanging around in a baggie which I look through at least once a week. I need to come up with a design to use these now because I am so ready for spring and the beautiful colors that come with it!! This color reminds me of the water in the caribbean....mmmm, so nice! As a kid I didn't realize that swimming pools were designed to look like the caribbean. I just thought that was the look of a swimming pool!

It wasn't until I was ferried from a cruise ship to a private island in the middle of nowhere that I realized it. (I didn't have cable TV growing up!)

I am planning to use these chips along with the recent light aqua 4mm bicones that I posted recently. I am also considering using the large sized swarovski cubes in the same color.

1 comment:

Dawno said...

Wonderful ideas - can't wait to see what you make - I love aqua (and deeper shades like teal, too) and have quite a box full. Spring to Summer are great times to wear it, goes so well!