Sunday, June 29, 2008

Great Blue "Everlasting" Bead

Hello! I recently discovered that not everyone is familiar with the candy jaw breaker called the "gobstopper". I have been using that term to describe the size of some large beads recently. I have been told that most people ARE familiar with the Giant Atomic Fire Ball. Well, the Everlasting super-sized Gobstopper and the Giant Atomic Fire Ball are just about the same size.

So, with that cleared up, today's bead is a really great blue bead that appears to be lampworked, but I am not sure. I love the representation of flower petals that remind me of fireworks! ...AND, it's about the same size as an everlasting gobstopper or giant atomic fire ball! It really needs to be hung from a chain or incorporated into a necklace as a focal point. It seems appropriate to do a red, white and blue piece with this one. Possibly with several strands of tiny beads "shooting" from the bottom as it hangs around your neck!!

Thanks for listening to my rambling!! Have a great Sunday night!


Deborah said...

Hi, I love that bead, can you tell me where you found it please?

Lisa said...

Hi Deborah! I found this one at Joann, Etc. on Polaris Parkway. This was right before their remodel, so I can't tell you EXACTLY which aisle and shelf to find it on. Good luck!! It was half price too, what a bargain!! Take care!