Monday, June 30, 2008

Fruit Loops!

Hello! It's a good thing nobody is monitoring this blog to make sure I stay on track.... I am a little bit hooked on these links right now and just loved these colors together. They reminded me of great fruit colors like FRUIT LOOPS!!

The green loops are acrylic and found at Michael's along with the metal jump rings. The squares were part of the 50 pack I ordered recently from Fire Mountain Gems. The top drilled jonquil bicones are from Fire Mountain also.

The only tools needed on this project were for cutting the chain to size. Lots of fun and very cute and fruity!

Have a great evening!


Barbara said...

That's a great design -- I love the color play between the warm golden squares and the bright green rings.

What fun!

Softflexgirl said...

That is a really fun design! I love the colors.


Softflexgirl said...

Thank you!!! I love my job (most days). I'm very fortunate. Please do feel free to link to me. I'll link you as well! :)

Take care,